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Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company for Your Business

While some companies only think of having their carpets and upholstery cleaned when they’re vacating their premises, a regular professional clean makes a huge difference to the cleanliness and appearance of a commercial property. Indeed, clean and hygienic carpets and furniture create a great first impression for your clients and staff. This is particularly the […]

Most Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

Although there’s a world of difference between modern carpet cleaning equipment and the machines that were used many years ago, some people do still have reservations about getting their carpets cleaned.   These concerns are understandable and usually result from a previous poor experience or a well intentioned but disastrous DIY carpet cleaning attempt! In […]

Carpet Cleaning For Pet Owners

If you have pets in your home, you’ll know it can be difficult to keep your carpets looking clean and hair-free. There are, however, a few things that can help keep your carpets in good condition between professional carpet cleaning appointments. Use door mats It sounds obvious, but using door mats can help trap debris […]

How To Remove Candle Wax From Your Carpet

There’s something magical about a flickering candle.     But there’s also a common problem caused by household candles: wax spillages. Indeed, wax is one of the more common stains we come across in our work. And although it can seem a particularly stubborn stain to tackle, with a few common household items you may […]

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company

With the amount of companies advertising on the web these days, you certainly won’t struggle to find a carpet cleaner who will cover your local area. And in theory, you’d think that choosing a competent carpet and upholstery cleaning company would be a pretty straightforward process, wouldn’t you? And so why do so many homeowners […]

How To Treat Common Carpet Stains

Whether it’s a tipsy guest that has spilt a glass of wine, or you have children and pets that aren’t quite as careful as you’d like them to be, you’ll never completely avoid those misfortunate accidents that cause carpet stains. And so how do you deal with a spillage or stain? While it may be […]

Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs DIY Rental Machines

Damage Caused By Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines Portable rental machines seem to be popping up in all the major supermarkets at the moment. And while the headline prices may be quite tempting, we have always advised against their use. This is because rental machines aren’t capable of achieving results that come close to the powerful […]