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Carpet Cleaning


Carpet cleaning services

Time 2 shine cleaning
Your in the right hands with Time2shine below is an over view of what to expect. On arrival we will run through a pre inspection of your carpets, this allows you to highlight any areas of concern you may have & also allows us to gather information on the carpet, its not rocket science however there is a right way and lots of wrong ways to clean and care for your carpets.
“Great team delivering professional service”
– Jamie Walder, Haywards Heath
Carpet Cleaning

Our Comprehensive 9 Step Process:

  1. Pre Inspection
  2. Fibre Identification & Product Selection
  3. Dry Soil Removal
  4. Stain / Odour / Sanitise Treatment
  5. Pre Spray Carpet
  6. Deep Pile & Product Agitation With CRB Machine (Carpet Agitation)
  7. Hot Water Flush & Extract
  8. Speed Dry
  9. Final Pile Reset & Inspection
Carpet Cleaning

Speed Dry

One of our most frequently asked questions is about how long things take to dry. Different materials absorb or hold water differently and some will take longer to fully dry. We aim to have your Carpets 80%- 90% dry on completion! After your carpet has been cleaned and spots and stains treated, we focus high powered fans across the room which increases the airflow and considerably speeds up the carpet drying process. Going this extra mile your able to get your home and furniture back to normal very quickly.
Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning services include:

Carpet Cleaning

Wool Carpets

We have undergone advanced training with the “Wool Safe” Organisation which is internationally known for training operators like us in maintaining residential or commercial wool carpets and rugs the right way! This way your investment is looked after and lasts!

Wool carpet although priced very similar to clean exhibits many different traits/characteristic’s when compared to a synthetic carpet. Sound technical training, experience and knowledge help prevent permanent damage and degradation of the wool either immediately or months after the cleaner has left. Call us today if you have any questions.

We are members of the NCCA – National Carpet Cleaners Association – which guarantees we have been trained & tested before exceptance meaning you will receive the very highest standard of cleaning.