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How We’re Different to Other Carpet Cleaning Companies in Brighton & East Sussex

Have you ever booked a local carpet cleaner but were left a little disappointed with the results?

Perhaps you had the feeling you could have hired a Rug Doctor and achieved similar results yourself?

Or your carpets were left very damp and took a day or two to dry out?

These are some of the common concerns we hear when customers first contact us to enquire about our services. And it’s understandable. In the competitive online space of carpet cleaning, every company proclaims to be the best in their area and to achieve the best results.

And so how should a homeowner decide who to hire to clean their carpets? Here are some important points to consider.


Do they operate professional equipment?

Powerful carpet cleaning machines are expensive investments, and that is why some companies will cut corners and purchase dated second-hand equipment that lack the performance of modern carpet cleaning machines. Unfortunately, there are many cowboys in the cleaning industry who run their business from the back of an estate car, using machines you can rent from a local supermarket or tool hire centre. This is one aspect that explains the difference in price between carpet cleaning companies. If a company invests in training and is using high quality equipment and cleaning solutions, their overheads will be higher than a company using cheap machines and bulk buy chemicals. And their results will be far superior.


Knowledge, experience & training

There are many ways to clean carpets and treat individual stains. The key is knowing how to do so safely and effectively. And it all comes down to investing in professional training. Sadly, many newcomers take the cheap and easy option, and try to learn on the job. This means that many companies are not knowledgable on which chemicals to use and how to rectify any issues that may arise. There are all sorts of issues with this approach. They will not have had training in the appropriate use of chemicals, equipment and cleaning techniques, and they’re very unlikely to know how to rectify an issue or mistake. A carpet cleaning company that continually invests in their professional development will achieve the best results possible for you and get the most value for your money.