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Most Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

Although there’s a world of difference between modern carpet cleaning equipment and the machines that were used many years ago, some people do still have reservations about getting their carpets cleaned.


These concerns are understandable and usually result from a previous poor experience or a well intentioned but disastrous DIY carpet cleaning attempt!

In this post we’ll cover the most common questions and concerns we hear from customers contacting us for the first time.

I have wool carpets – is there a risk of them shrinking?

This is a very common question.

If a wool carpet is cleaned correctly, and an inspection of the carpet has taken place, there is no risk of shrinkage.

A professional carpet cleaning company will check that the carpet is fitted and gripped correctly and will be carful not to over-wet the fibres. They should also use wool safe cleaning solutions and set their cleaning machine to the correct psi and temperature.

The potential for damage is negated by choosing a professionally trained and reputable company that understands how to clean a wool carpet.

How long will my carpets take to dry?

The most common issue with carpet cleaning carried out by part-time cowboys is that the carpets are saturated and take longer than they should to dry.

We’ve heard many horror stories of carpets taking multiple days to dry, by which point the underlay has has been affected and bacteria has proliferated, causing a nasty damp smell!

If, however, the carpet cleaning process is carried out correctly, your carpets will be completely dry in just a few short hours and be left smelling lovely, fresh and clean.

Are the cleaning chemicals child and pet friendly?


All the cleaning solutions we use are rigorously tested for safety.

We don’t use hazardous chemicals and we’re careful to extract all cleaning residues out of your carpet fibres during our carpet cleaning process.

Once we have finished your carpet clean, it is perfectly safe for your pets and children to roll around on your carpets (although you may not be too keen on this idea once you see how clean and fresh they look!)

What cleaning process do you use?

We clean carpets using the Hot Water Extraction method. This is the method recommended by the carpet manufacturers as being the most effective way to clean fitted carpets.

Unlike with a dry powder type cleaning process, we clean deep down into the fibres, removing all the grit, soils, bacteria and germs.

It is the best method at getting your carpets truly clean and hygienic!

Will I have to move all the furniture out of my rooms?


We do recommend moving any smaller items that may be on your floor but with larger items such as sofas, we’re able to move and place back carefully.

If you have any very heavy items, like solid sideboards, that cannot be safely moved during the clean, then we can simply clean around them carefully.

And now for an increasingly common question…

Can’t I achieve the same results myself with a Rug Doctor?

Definitely not!

The supermarket rental machines simply cannot come close to achieving the same results as professional carpet cleaning machines.

And in addition to the difference in cost, effectiveness and power of the machinery, there is also the question of knowledge and skill.

A professional carpet cleaner is fully trained in safe and effective stain removal and understands how to remove individual stains with the correct equipment and solutions.

It takes the right equipment, training and years of knowledge to attain the best carpet cleaning results.

We hope this post has helped answer any queries you may have.

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