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Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs DIY Rental Machines

Damage Caused By Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines

Portable rental machines seem to be popping up in all the major supermarkets at the moment.

And while the headline prices may be quite tempting, we have always advised against their use.

This is because rental machines aren’t capable of achieving results that come close to the powerful machines operated by a professional carpet cleaning company.

Damage Caused By Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines

We come across damage caused by cheap rental machines fairly frequently. Unfortunately, because these machines lack the sufficient vaccum power required to extract excess moisture, it is all too easy to over-wet your carpets, potentially causing issues such as excessive drying times, browning, shrinkage and foul odours.

These issues are particularly common with carpets that have a higher wool content. Indeed, in some cases, the damage may not be able to be rectified and the only option that remains is to replace the carpet.

In reality, it would even be difficult for a fully trained, professional carpet cleaning company to achieve a satisfactory result with a rental machine.

The Costs of Rental Vs Hiring a Professional

Perhaps surprisingly, the cost of renting a machine and cleaning your carpet yourself is not as cheap as it first appears.

Sure, the headline price may look reasonable, but once you add in the purchase of the chemicals, the reality is that it rarely works out that much cheaper than hiring a professional in the first place – particularly when your time is factored in!

And that’s why we’d always recommend calling your local professional carpet cleaning company for a quotation before taking the plunge.

If they’re a reputable, fully trained business, they’ll be operating powerful, professional equipment and hold full insurance for your peace of mind.

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