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How To Remove Candle Wax From Your Carpet

There’s something magical about a flickering candle.



But there’s also a common problem caused by household candles: wax spillages.

Indeed, wax is one of the more common stains we come across in our work. And although it can seem a particularly stubborn stain to tackle, with a few common household items you may be able to remove it yourself.

Here’s how you should tackle wax on a carpet:

Items you’ll need to tackle a wax spillage.

  • Clean cloth

  • Blunt knife

  • Iron

  • Paper bag

  • Vacuum


Step 1: Scrape the surface wax

Using your blunt knife, scrape off the surface wax from your carpet.

Make sure your knife is blunt and work slowly and carefully!


Step 2: Heat the remaining wax

Now that you have removed the excess surface wax, you need to heat the ingrained wax to remove to from the carpet fibres. Turn on your iron to a low temperature to prevent burning.

Place the paper bag over the wax and gently press the iron over the area, causing the max to melt and stick to the bag.


Step 3: Blot any remaining stain and vacuum

Using a damp cloth or towel, blot any loose stain and the vacuum the loose particles.

Repeat as necessary.

If any of the wax stain remains, please contact us for further advice.